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At 5:45am on March 14, 2011, kamlakar patil gave Jondi Whitis, MTOT a gift
At 7:02pm on January 8, 2011, Anita Casalina said…

Thank you Jondi! Is the show at EST? I'd love to attend! Blessings and Love,


At 7:00pm on August 17, 2010, Russell Cunningham said…
Hi Jondi, Thank you for the welcome. Looks like a wonderful group. Cheers
Russell Cunningham
At 8:36am on January 13, 2010, Jondi Whitis, MTOT said…
No idea why this would happen, AnaMaria - I will forward to Sue who is much more tech savvy than I am - hope YOU are well too. Not affected by Eureka quake, were you? (I don't remember my NoCal geography very well!) - Best, Jondi
At 10:23pm on January 12, 2010, AnaMaria said…
Hi there hope all is well..

wierd all my info disappeared on this site: friends, profile info audios and videos
At 12:45pm on December 29, 2009, Diane Chew said…
Hi Jondi! Thank you so much for your kind words! It was great to get a little more involved during our last workshop and really connect with more people. Sue Tarlton and I have exchanged some calls and emails and want to discuss how to continue the practitioner's forum that we started at the workshop.

I've had my head down getting ready to officially "launch" my business this week. Would love some feedback, as this is a really different approach then I ever took in the corporate arena! (A good thing for my soul, actually...!)

Would love to stay connected. I'm just catching up with things and will be on the upcoming teleseminars!

Take care,
At 12:29pm on December 24, 2009, Annie Siegel said…
Happy holiday to you and your family and may we all continue to be blessed and cradled with love!

At 12:47pm on May 6, 2009, The Nomad said…
Sorry Jondi,
I have not attended on of the global eftsessions, but I have been part of many global mediations for the health and wealth of all here. That is why I am here. To help us all transcend and move on to the next level of being. The swine flue is a distraction. Open your mind to the truth...there is no flu that your body cannot handle. Think about it...how many flu strands have been and how many does the human over come?
All sickness starts with the emotions...you all know this. Now look inside for healing.
At 7:40pm on April 20, 2009, EFT Practitioners Pool said…
At 5:52pm on February 5, 2009, Diane Chew said…
Hi Jondi! Yes - I just got my EFT certification and have been deciding how best to proceed since I spent 26 years in the corporate arena and recently lost my position because of being out on disability. The good news is that I feel great again (wish I had come upon EFT a little sooner during my illness - but I use it now to keep things going in a positive direction.) I'm trained as an Executive Coach, too - and have years of experience in training and development - so I'm in the process of deciding how to put the whole package together. It would be great to connect with some like-minded people close by. Would be fun to at least get in touch with your friend in Carversville if she's interested. Thanks for letting me know!

Take good care -
At 12:21am on February 1, 2009, TyHyChi NetWorks (Ren) said…

At 12:19am on February 1, 2009, TyHyChi NetWorks (Ren) said…
Hi Jondi.. thank you for your friendship!
and your very Warm complements..
thank-you Jondi (I Love that name!)
I Was reading your posts.. you are great writer..
it is so interesting to read your posts.. I will definitely
be popping in to keep up!
Wishing you an incredible February..
& thanks again for Making my Day!
Talk to you later!
Blessings, Rennie !
At 6:57pm on January 24, 2009, stephanie hicks said…
Thanx for the warm welcome. I moved to Dunwoody a few months ago...I love it.
At 2:56am on January 24, 2009, michela said…

Hi Jondi, nice to meet you!
At 6:00am on January 21, 2009, Patsy said…
Thanx Jondi. Mum seems more positive today, much brighter. Tapping was thoroughly inspiring. Great to be joining you all.
At 10:08am on January 20, 2009, Patsy said…
an unexpected journey to take my Mother to hospital. My thoughts and tapping are with everybody tapping for World Peace. Love and Light
At 11:04pm on January 16, 2009, Constance George said…
Thx for the good words. Loved your video!
Hope to met you too. Enjoy the weekend.


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