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A long time ago, someone I met someone that'd later become very important in my life, fell onto the floor laughing in my office.  Mind you, I'd never met them before and we were both decked out in pinstripe dress suits - not exactly 'rollaround wear'.  I was shocked.  What had happened?  My meeting demeanor collapsed into fits of laughter.  He said, "Fair?!!?  Did you really say 'fair'?!?!  I haven't heard that word in years!!!

Well, I was pretty embarrassed, and maybe a little peeved, too.  "What's so funny about peace and understanding?!", to coin a phrase.

It took a while for me to understand how far away my worldview was from his.  And lately I've had a real opportunity to see this disbelief return, as our society gets less and less "fair".  How did we get this way, and why?  How do we return to a sense of fairness?

Lynne McTaggart's conversation on EFT Radio Online talked about this recently, and it gave me a renewed focus on this concept of "fairness".  Can we really be happy, thriving and evolving people when there is so much UNfairness?  Lynne discusses how everyone LOSES when we allow Unfairness to prevail or flourish.

How do you see unfairness?  What can YOU personally do to become an agent of change, right where you are?

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Thank you to all who tap each day at noon, for our global brothers and sisters. On top of our list right now: 

Please hold space and tapping energy for those who continue to suffer in Syria, those rebPalestine and Jerusalem, the troubles in West Africa, the nuclear aftermath that continues in Japan, the slow rebuilding in the Phillipines, conflicts and refugee situations across the world.  

There's never a lack of things to tap for! Worldwide conflicts affect us all, and displace millions.  Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and drought also abound, so keep them in your thoughts as well, please.  

When we practice tapping with our global brothers and sisters, we ARE ONE.  Let's SHIFT, together, with one another on behalf of those who cannot - for whatever reason. Thank you!  You may simply want to tap for their grief, healing, and also for the chance to bring peace to themselves and others.  Here in the states, we continue to ask you to tap with us,  using our recent bombing and shooting tragedies in this country, in support of non-violent solutions and better mental healthcare! In times like these, we offer prayers, surrogate tapping and advocacy, using our power to change what is within our power to change -ourselves and one another. 

Please post onto the Forum section your comments, requests and results.  With deep gratitude,



Everyday, at noon, wherever you are, please tap for someone else in the world.  Imagine, over 800 of us, tapping wherever we are, each day!  Imagine.... If you need help with how, or what to say, check out the resources files, above.



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