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And once you've got it, what are you doing to do with it?

Go to my post from Lillian Fimbres and you can see what I'm getting at. In my opinion many inhabitants of earth will be generating massive amounts of energy. We should be surrounded with buzzing and swirling frequencies of bright healing energy. This energy is called Qi or Chi in the Chinese healing arts.

In the practice of Qigong one becomes open to receiving the Qi and storing Qi to use for your own stamina and health and for helping others with theirs.

Most of you are already familiar with gathering Qi in your own way, Tai Chi, meditation, Reiki, relaxation techniques, our EFT tapping and countless other beautiful forms.

You've just been given a million dollars of light and energy. Now, how are you going to spend it?

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I will give it away to those I see in need of raising their awareness and vibration.
I was meant to spread the light!
It's so nice to see a picture of you with your Tappy Bear. I wish to do the same with the light I am given as you and would ike to use my Tappy Bear in service to others. Do you have any ideas for sharing the energy using the bear? I have used the bear in surrogate tapping specifically, but am wondering if there might be an approach to tap for others globally. I guess if you can imagine it, you can do it. Thanks for sharing Tappy with the world. Blessings to you.
Sylvia Tavares, EFT practitioner
I intend to use the abundance of light and energy to heal and be healed. That is always my intention with all of the gifts I am given. As for the specifics for how to accomplish this, I am allowing the ideas to come to me. My first idea is to bring together a group of like minded people to share with me and who want healing for themselves and the world. I believe that first things first is important. First come from a place of healing and peace inside of ourselves and then share the healing that comes. This can be accomplished through using EFT or a Reiki circle or whatever brings healing to ourselves and fills us with light and love. As they say, more will be revealed as I ask the question of how to participate in this wonderful day and time.
Dear Silvia,.
there are Thousands of TappyBears all over the world,.
I had this dream of them all being connected,. so I created this map.
Envision that they are all interconected with the loving intention of an EFT'er.
I have yet to meet an EFT practitioner that has been at it for at least a year,. and not met the most awesome person.
So based on this premise,. Everyone with a Tappy can spread the light all over through the connectedness.
Nice to be in touch with you!
Hi Till,
Your map is a great idea! It's nice to think of Tappy in a global, interconnnected way. I went to your website and am working on becoming an affiliate and your idea of writing up my story. I love to tell stories, it's more challenging to write them and that's what I have EFT for, breaking through my limits and helping others to do the same. Sylvia


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