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How to Free Your Self from Unwanted Emotional Feelings for Days like 9.11

Take your apprehension about days like September 11 and other days in the future and follow me on this guided meditation that’s part Qigong and part EFT without the tapping.

Check for the audio to appear soon.

Start by placing your feet flat on the floor.

You can do this with your eyes slightly open in what is sometimes an unfocused gaze or you can you close them.  And if you don’t think you can quiet your eyes for the next few minutes because you can’t stop staring at your computer screen, I’m going to ask you to at least minimize your screen or look away for the next few minutes.  I know this is hard for a lot of people, but make this time together with me, your time.  Something special just for you. 

I’m going to ask you to start by taking three cleansing breaths.  With each inhale I want you to fill up your belly with the healing energy that’s from Source and each time when you exhale I want you to let out a sigh.  That sigh is a vibration that’s going to help loosen up the stuck negative energy inside you.

Let’s begin.

One - Inhale, so your belly expands, hold it and blow it out with a big sigh.  Don’t worry what other people hearing you sigh.

Two - Inhale again, filling your belly with the rich healing energy from Source.  And, Source in this instance represents all the good things around you, inside you, and beyond you.  Hold it….and let out a big sigh.

This is your third deep inhale.

Inhale, really fill your belly with air…. Hold it.  Remember you have a lot to sigh about.  Now let out a really big sigh.  That’s good.

While you were taking these deep breaths certain imagery, thoughts, or feelings may have come up.  Don’t fight them.  Let them present themselves.  These feelings on their own are harmless.  They gathered before you because they only wish to be released and freed.

Do no tapping. What you do is simply have two fingers of your dominant hand with a light pressure touch your heart Chakra as though you’re pointing at yourself acknowledging your heart presence. 

For those that need to know which fingers they are.  They’re usually the middle finger and index finger.  Breathe naturally.

Follow me and echo these words to yourself

Even though my heart has known great sadness, I love and cherish my heart for all that it does for me.

Let your breathing be deep, yet natural

I agree with my heart to release all this unwanted, tiresome feelings and negative thoughts.  I agree to let my heart free all negative thoughts and energy that have resided in my heart.  They are now free to finally leave, to exit my body, to be recycled back into Source.

Take those same two fingers and lightly touch your third eye and hold it there

Follow and echo me

I agree and release all the negative imagery, feelings and thoughts that have been so disturbing to me these past ten years.  I release them to Source so I can return to my brilliant intuitive self.  So, that with a fresh mind I am able once again to distinguish between what serves me and what does not serve me anymore.

Remember to breathe

Move those two fingers just under your diaphragm, your solar plexus, in that soft area under your sternum or rib cage.

And echo me with once last time

I agree to open up my body to all that is beneficial and elevate my consciousness to a level of emotional freedom where from a safe comfortable vantage point I can make choices about how I spend demanding days like today and any future days ahead.

Continue to breathe

I am in agreement with Source that I should be happy and free.

I can choose between tranquility and peacefulness or agitation and hopelessness.         

I can choose between serenity and calmness or flustered and apprehension.

I can choose between displays of love and gratitude or fear and delusion

Everything is now my choice to be

Now lower and rest both your palms over your lower Dantien which is an area just below your navel about 3 fingers below your belly button

Take 3 cleansing breaths

1 - Inhale…. Exhale

2 - Inhale… Exhale

3 – Inhale… and exhale with a gentle sigh

Open your eyes and return to yourself.

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