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Woke from my nap to someone pounding on the window. I rushed to dress, there is a young man, asking if the blue van was mine. His girl friend swerved to miss a cat and took out the back end of my van. Old van, held together by bubble gum and bailing wire. If you had to hit a car, so much better this old one than one of the new ones in town. Poor kid, her first wreck. They had called the cops, who arrived about the time I did. Then her parents arrived. Kid was shaking, crying. I offered to do some EFT, and she did it! I got her to laughing.

Even though I missed the cat, and hit the car, I still am a good person and love and respect myself...
Even though my parents might be a little mad at me, they really understand and are right here to love and support me...
Even though I just hit a car, I choose for my heart rate to return to normal, I choose to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day...
Even though this was my first car wreck, I couldn't have hit a better car...
Even though I had a wreck, anytime you call a cop and he's smiling and laughing with you its a good day..

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Comment by Sequoia Warner on June 29, 2009 at 12:01pm
Absolutely, I had no emotional charging at all about the wreck. Even calm today when calling the insurance agent to open a claim.

Comment by EFT Practitioners Pool on June 29, 2009 at 11:00am
I love it. When they start to smile you know you know it's working. I'm guessing tapping with the young lady helped you as well.


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