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Even though Emotions are Universal, the Expressions are Not

What is Geo-Specific EFT and how is it different from Classic EFT?

Geo-specific EFT is a new approach in EFT that is sensitive to cross-cultural variables that influence individual behavior. It aims at making us more mindful of the cultural context of the problems. As an EFT practitioner you will be helping clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Geo- specific EFT will aid you in paying attention to the cultural and religious variables as verbal, emotional, and behavioral expressions will differ from culture to culture.

Geo-specific Approach differs from classic EFT in 2 ways –

1.   The affirmations are customized according to the Native Language

EFT and its key component, the affirmations, were created in English by the EFT Founder, Gary Craig, an American English speaking gentleman. When we use EFT with people whose native language is not English, we need to understand that it is not always easy to express oneself in the secondary language.  Also, the default set up phrase “I love and accept myself” does not have exact equivalents in non-English languages. In Geo-specific EFT, it is important to know that translation of this in the native language may not always work.

There are some cultures where it is not acceptable to say positive things about oneself; self love and acceptance may not be looked upon favorably in these cultures.


2.   Cultural context is taken into account while making the affirmations

Simple translation will not work for people whose native language is not English. The affirmations have to be customized according to the culture and language of the person. The cultural background of a person affects the ideas, beliefs, memories, emotions & basic cognitive processes like reasoning, attention, perception. 

I once worked with a lady from Saudi Arabia and her native language was Urdu. She knew English but the term “accept” did not resonate with her. So we found a word “Kubool” in her language that was more appropriate for her.


What are the challenges of working with clients from a culture other than your own?

  1. Cultural context – When we work with clients from other cultures there may be difficulty in understanding how the problems arose. There could be behaviors and expressions that seem incongruous to us.  Also, we may land up imposing our socio-cultural beliefs on the client if we are not mindful.
  2. Expressions differ in each country - English though widely spoken all over the world differs in its expression in each country and that has to be taken into account in EFT.
  3. Language Barrier - English as a second language can pose a considerable barrier for culturally diverse clients: Explaining their story in grammatically correct manner in their second language, can lead to emotions being expressed differently. 


Why simply translating EFT scripts into native languages won’t work?

  • Only supplementing words in native languages will not work because the context will differ.
  • Translations will miss out on unique native expressions.
  • Feelings will be there but it could be difficult to express them verbally. Emotions are universal but there expressions are not. Gravity of the native expressions may be lost if you translate them in English. Here the Geo-specific approach will guide you precisely for such situations as this. 


Tips for practitioners on becoming more sensitive to the clients from different cultural backgrounds

  1. Being aware of your own cultural beliefs will really help.
  2. Sensitivity will help you to guide the clients in the way that is appropriate for them, according to their cultural and religious beliefs.
  3. Distinguish between the beliefs that hinder the healing process and cultural beliefs that are supportive. 
  4. Incorporating the religious beliefs in the affirmations will help in the healing process.
  5. Being non-judgmental would require doing away with the labeling of good and bad and treating the cultural differences only as differences.



We pay attention to the individual characteristics of a client but it doesn’t necessarily involve the cultural orientation. We are respectful and compassionate to the narratives of our clients but we need to be sensitive to the cultural, linguistic and religious aspects as well.



Download the Interview on Geo-Specific EFT on Tapfest ( Radio Online)



For more Details Visit: http://www.emofreetherapy.com/geo-specific_eft.html


To read another article on this topic go to:


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