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I love it that there are so many ways to heal. Actually the body is always healing. The classic cut on the finger example. Our bodies send just enough help to clean and seal the cut.
I had read somewhere that our bodies experience the removal (if that's a good enough word) of cancerous cells something like 19 times in a lifetime. Wow, I say, wow.

I remember somewhere in my 20's I developed this funny nasty looking spot on my forearm, the part that faces the sun all the time. I was young and dumb and tried to ignore it, but I've seen enough pictures to know it's appearance wasn't normal. It appeared seemingly overnight and grew in an irregular shape to about an 1/8 of an inch. It was a party I was at when a man looked at it and if concern and care suggested I see someone about it. I ignored him of course and within a few days after that party it disappeared leaving only a faint trace of a scar that became the only reminder of what my body did for me.

I'm in my late 50's now and I often recall the meaning behind the icky scary looking tiny clump of skin gone wild and the practically overnight disappearance of it. What I can conclude now is that my body did for me what no doctor could have done for me. Can you imagine the field day a group of doctors would have had with me; biopsies, cutting, and some type of treatment. The treatment would probably caused more long term damage than anything else.

So, if what I heard somewhere about the 19 times our bodies deal with cancerous cells in a lifetime is correct I hope like a cat with just 9 lives that I'll have more opportunities to let my body heal itself.

So, at least for today, I can say that there is only one way to heal... drum roll...and that's by letting the body heal itself. What goes terribly wrong is that our body's healing abilities get side tracked by the garbage we put into it, emotional garbage and physical garbage. Our belief system is so powerful at times that we can literally kill ourselves with our thoughts. I only eat this kind of food, I don't like vegatables, I don't like to sweat when I exercise, so I won't. I'm too fat, so I won't eat. Smoking calms me down and know one is going to take my smokes away. Everyone drinks, I can handle it. The only person I'm hurting is myself anyway. I can't slow down, if I don't finish it who will. And on and on it goes.

Our bodies are fragile energy systems and listen very closely to what the mind is saying up to a point before it breaks down into a pile of diseases and other long term problems.

All the healing modalities simply help the body to heal inspite of what the mind is thinking. Hopefully the mind will follow the wisdom of the body.

Lillian Fimbres is a qualified advanced trained EFT practitioner and Qigong practitioner working both with humans and animals. You can visit her site the hope for animals.com for the 4 footed side of the story and listen to her BlogTalkRadio.com internet radio show called TapScoop.

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