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If you are in recovery, you are aware of your committee. The committee is your inner critic. The part of you that keeps you stuck in fear and anger. The part of you that keeps reminding you that you are not perfect enough. The familiar part that creates sabotage. How close is your relationship to your committee and how has your committee affected your life?

This can be a lifelong struggle. This is a familiar relationship. Many people have influenced your perception about life, people and you. The amount of effort, time and money spent trying to separate yourself from your committee can be substantial. The results for can be long lasting or short lived. When your committee becomes too loud there are ways to quiet them. Those actions typically have short term benefits and long term consequences.


Discover how to release the inner critic instead of numbing yourself to quiet the thoughts. The Emotional Freedom Technique has changed lives. Working with professionals struggling with addictions, I have fine tuned the Emotional Freedom Technique to relieve the specific issues that are inherent in the recovering community.

There are 5 steps to take before you start the tapping sequence.
1. Identify the message and the negative voice.
2. What are some of the statements that you hear from your inner critic.
3. How would you like to “fire” the inner critic or give that voice a “pink slip.”
4. Describe your sacred space. Visualize your safe place.
5. Choose who you will invite onto your mastermind group.

Do the set up and then tap sequential rounds. One round for each part of the formula. As you tap, visualize the inner critic, the statements, terminating that inner critic and releasing yourself from the committee. Visualize your sacred space. Invite each person of your mastermind group into your sacred space. Know that they are there to support you, validate you and give you guidance. Allow yourself to feel being validated and supported with what is important for you.

Empowered Intentions reinforces the actions taken in recovery. Identifying the negative. Choosing to stop. Replacing the negative with a positive. This sequence reinforces the lifestyle changes that are being made for recovery. Many times the inner critic is subconscious. The power comes in taking that subconscious presence and bringing it to consciousness. Confronting that negative force, releasing yourself from the negativity and empowering yourself by choosing positive influences that will be there to guide you.

The concept of the mastermind group is vividly described by Napolean Hill in “Think and Grow Rich”. Think about King Arthur and his Round Table. He had a group of advisors that were there to serve him and help him to rule his kingdom. Create your round table with people that are ready to serve you and guide you as you continue your personal and spiritual journey. Hand pick who will be on your mastermind committee. Access your mastermind group often for insight and direction.

Following the Empowered Intention Formula has had quick and amazing results. The work has been transformative. There have been many one minute wonders. The premise is to turn a negative into a positive. Choose to release the inner critic for good. You have been negotiating with the terrorist of your committee for too long. Choose to get up and walk away from the table.

Loren Fogelman, M.Ed, CADC I, EFT-Adv

Loren Fogelman specializes in working with professionals struggling with addictions. She combines the Emotional Freedom Technique and Law of Attraction to reach peak performance. Read more articles at http://www.kolpiacounseling.com *FREE TELECLASS* Tapping Away your Inner Critic:
The Empowered Intention and Sacred Space EFT techniques for Transforming Self-Criticism Presented by Loren Fogelman (M.Ed, EFT-Adv) and Jade Barbee (EFT-Adv/Lvl III) On Sunday, March 8, 4-5:00pm EST For info: http://www.emotionalengine.com/?page_id=59 To register, please email: free3-8teleclass@emotionalengine.com

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