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Some fun tapping for the morning time when you are just not feeling it...

Hi fellow tappers!,

If you are like me the morning is a tricky time, sometimes I don't recognise the monster in the mirror staring back at me,
So here are some of my tapping setups that allow the morning grinch to have a good day. I thank Brad Yates for inspiring some of these setups.

Even though I'm tired and I can't do it today, I can't give the world what it wants and I don't want to anyway, I just want to stay in bed and give up, World please go away !, I accept truthfully that this is how I feel....

Even though I am so physically tired, I'm basically still asleep, I'm asleep at the wheel and yet the wheel of life is moving so maybe I should get on board even though I'm so tired something surprising might just happen....

Even though I'm heavy and tired, I'm pretty sure the feeling will pass, it always does, my body is so reliable and I am so reliable that all I have to do is follow the rhythym of the day, without any effort and that's pretty ok and I'm pretty ok.......

Even though I'm still tired and a bit rough it's enjoyable to feel the mornings' energy begin to flow through me, I chose to feel relaxed and enjoy this day....

Even though I'm still a bit groggy and heavy, I'm ok and relaxed I chose to appreciate this morning and this day and I have the choice to feel blessed and I do......

Eyebow: I'm so heavy
Side of eye: I'm so tired
Under eye: I just can't do it
Under nose: Can I plese give up?
Chin crease: I'm sure they would undrestand
Collarbone: if I didn't turn up for life today
Underarm:What do they expect from me anyway?

Top of the head: I'm still so tired and I don't have a choice
Eyebrow: I'm not choosing to focus on this tiredness
Side of eye: Unless I am
Under eye: I am always choosing
Under nose : And it's my choice to feel tired
Chin crease: Or feel relaxed and free
Collarbone: Both are equal
Underarm: I choose to feel relaxed and free

Top of the head: Yet hold onto my tiredness if it serves me
Eyebrow: I appreciate this body that wakes up everyday
Side of eye: I am thankful for the sunlight that wakes me up
Undereye: I am bathed in the warmth of light and relaxation
Under nose: Yet I am wakeful, alert and joyously aware
Chin crease: I offer over thanks for this day
Collarbone: I wonder about todays adventures
Underarm: I'm open to being pleasantly surprised today

Top of the head: I give thanks for the Life and Light of this day, I give thanks for the Life and Light of this day...

All Be well,

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Comment by Thomas Burns on July 24, 2009 at 6:50pm
Thanks Gillian. I use it myself. It is good to have a cheerful tapscript in the morning, to banish away that tiredness!

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