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Sometimes depending on the day, or the mood we might be in, or because of the strains of modern living, we just can't access the feelings of the great Love that are always available to us.

When we are feeling down or exhausted or empty some Tapping can be greatly beneficial.

Take a moment now to Tune into your heart. You can do this simply by placing your hand there.

By placing your hand there you, are directly giving your heart attention.

Rub around the heart, comfort and coddle the heart, the home of your True Being.

In your own time start rubbing or Tapping the Karate Chop and start saying these phrases.

(If they don't feel relevant to you, think of someone they may be relevant for, and Tap for them)

Even though I feel empty, I love and accept myself...

Even though my heart feels empty, I love and accept myself...

Even though my heart is exhausted of good feeling and Love, I choose to know that Love is there...

Even though I feel so exhausted in Life and I can't feel anthing, I don't have access to good feelings, my Love for myself is in hiding, I choose to remember to be here for my Love when it turns up...

Even though I'm just too busy, just too stressed to even care about Love, I choose to remember that my Love does not need me to remember, it's just here doing it's job, it's just here being...

Even though someone else wandered off with my love, because I gave it to him/her/them and I need them back in order to get my Love back, I forgive myself for believing that, and I'm willing to know that the True Love that I am can't wander away, even if I wander away from it, and everyone in the world wanders away from me...

Eyebrow: I'm Loveless

Side of Eye: So Loveless

Under Eye: Love really doesn't live here anymore

Under Nose: And I don't have it's new address

Chin: It wandered away

Collarbone: It's always wandering away

Under Arm: I'm always giving it away

Top of the Head: And I have none left

Eyebrow: I'm empty

Side of Eye: I have been emptied

Under Eye: And I'm sad and alone

Under Nose: I need their Love

Chin: Or I'll be so empty

Collarbone: So sad, so alone

Top of the head: And I can't be alone

Eyebrow: I can't just be here with me

Side of the eye: Just with this emptiness,

Under Eye: Just with this ache

Chin: Just with me

Collarbone: What if I had a choice

Under Arm: To know Love all the time

Top of the head: To know that Love is always here

Eyebrow: With me

Side of eye: Nourishing me

Under Eye: Witnessing me

Under Nose: Even with this sadness

Chin: I choose to know that Love is here

Collarbone:With this sadness

Under Arm; Love is here

Top of the Head: With my emptyness

Eyebrow: Love is here

Side of Eye: Even with my blindness to my Love

Under Eye: It can't not be here

Under Nose: Even if I can't see it

Chin: It can't not be here

Collarbone: It's just here, in my Heart

Under Arm: Still and Present

Top of the Head: A Quiet Present for me

Eyebrow: I forgive myself for forgetting my Love

Side of The Eye: And my Love forgives me

Under Eye: My Love accepts me for who I am

Under Nose: In every moment

Chin; My Love is here

Collarbone;Still and present

Top of the Head: I choose to always remember

Enjoy your True Love x

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