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I wrote on the main page about the quakes and the subsequent relief efforts. It's of course hard for us, half a world away, to determine what exactly is going on, but the NY Times does an admirable job of sending us photos and the heartache of the monks and the locals as they grieve and attempt rescue. It's times like these, when political situations are so fragile, that we need truly quiet ourselves to feel the pain and the promise of surrogate tapping. If you are an emotive like me (Pisces! Say no more...), it's incumbent upon us first to get ourselves out of the way of the waves of suffering we feel for these souls. Hard to do this without the constant consciousness of the tools we bring to bear upon our own lives and those who suffer. We can heal ourselves even as we reach out to the hearts of those across the world who also need healing.

The recent quakes in Tibet leave many dead, no one knows how many, and aggravates an already difficult political situation. Please tap for the people of Jiegu, and that the suffering there might reach across borders and ideologies, galvanizing not only relief and rebuilding efforts, but also more loving and humane solutions. Tap for rapid, compassionate world support to these gentle, spiritual people, for their loss and heartache and grief.

Shall we tap together?

Even though I grieve for your pain and suffering, I accept myself and my limitations, that I cannot be with you in this moment
Even though I cannot fathom the darkness that engulfs you in the loss of your homes, livelihoods and loved ones, I accept that the candle we light together, here on your behalf, is lit with the most powerful force in the world, love. And I accept that this love, and the energy of its creation can touch your heart, sending you strength, resolve and light.
Even though I am just one person, I add my light to those of the world, raising it high to light the way back home to peace and renewal. I am one, but we are many.
I add my light
I add my loving compassion
I add my breath and peace
I breathe into this space, making room in these tattered hearts,
room for relief, for compassionate care to reach you on swift feet
I call upon the Universe to speed you relief, hope, healing...peace.
May you be surrounded by light and healing love,
May you feel your One-ness with us, and our love upon your hearts.
May our energy bring miracles to life, may they bring you all that you need,
even the hidden wishes of your hearts.
And we tap in compassion for your greatest, highest good,
now and forevermore.
Send your voice and energy for their highest, best good, and strength to endure, rebuild and renew.
May it be so.

Our tapping can make a difference; thank you for joining me.

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Thank you to all who tap each day at noon, for our global brothers and sisters. On top of our list right now: 

Please hold space and tapping energy for those who continue to suffer in Syria, those rebPalestine and Jerusalem, the troubles in West Africa, the nuclear aftermath that continues in Japan, the slow rebuilding in the Phillipines, conflicts and refugee situations across the world.  

There's never a lack of things to tap for! Worldwide conflicts affect us all, and displace millions.  Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and drought also abound, so keep them in your thoughts as well, please.  

When we practice tapping with our global brothers and sisters, we ARE ONE.  Let's SHIFT, together, with one another on behalf of those who cannot - for whatever reason. Thank you!  You may simply want to tap for their grief, healing, and also for the chance to bring peace to themselves and others.  Here in the states, we continue to ask you to tap with us,  using our recent bombing and shooting tragedies in this country, in support of non-violent solutions and better mental healthcare! In times like these, we offer prayers, surrogate tapping and advocacy, using our power to change what is within our power to change -ourselves and one another. 

Please post onto the Forum section your comments, requests and results.  With deep gratitude,



Everyday, at noon, wherever you are, please tap for someone else in the world.  Imagine, over 800 of us, tapping wherever we are, each day!  Imagine.... If you need help with how, or what to say, check out the resources files, above.



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